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Beautiful Natural Hardwood Floor

"We do not carry a thousand different hardwood, we only carry the best."


Beautiful Engineered Hardwood Floor


Krono Original® laminate flooring is the basis for naturally beautiful living


As a Krono Original® customer you can be sure that your laminate floor is manufactured in a manner in line with ecological, socially responsible and economic principles of sustainable forestry.


Krono Original® laminates consist of up to 90 per cent wood. Krono Original® laminate flooring is manufactured exclusively with wood from domestic and sustainably managed forestry. This is guaranteed by the PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).


Krono Original® laminates combine trends and quality with environmental protection


Krono Original® laminate flooring is robust and durable, thus resources are conserved.

In addition to this, we also follow the German and European E1 Classification guidelines for laminate flooring, according to which detriments to health are prohibited. Your old Krono Original® laminate floor can be disposed of easily with your household waste.


"They are made to last. Your choice is clear."


Vintage Classic

Super Natural Prestige


Castello Classic

Super Natural Classic

Castello Classic

Urban Classic

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